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Dr. Blues And The Septembers

Dr. Blues and the Septembers is a blues band from San José, Costa Rica. Founded in 2013, they started as a jam band playing blues standards with friends, and then started to write original songs, influenced by the old school blues legends.

Since the beginning, Dr. Blues has been formed by lead guitarist and singer Francisco Huete, a big fan of Howlin’ Wolf and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, that with his ‘straty’ and ‘claptonish’ sound, gives guidance to the band. The rhythm section is in charge of Andrey Moreno on drums, mixing Latin grooves with the blues feeling, and bassist Arturo Jimenez, who has found in the blues music a way to play with freedom and passion, greatly influenced by the legendary James Jamerson. Freddy Castro completes the line-up, and adds that loud and noisy ‘gibsonish’ humbucker sound to the band, influenced by the rock and roll greats of the 70’s, he provides the rebel and modern touch to the band.

The band has a Costa Rican Latin flavor mixed with the original American blues style.

Dr. Blues And The Septembers is formed by four friends and music enthusiasts that found in blues music the best medicine to cure soulache!!!